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In the best kitchens design, style, performance and function blend like the flavors and aromas of your favorite culinary creations. That's why Castle Bay sinks and faucets are made in wide range of styles, colors and materials. They're designed to be both function and beauty. Our finishes collection is comprised of a number of sleek, stylish shades, carefully selected to offer you an array of options. From black to grey, gold to copper, brass to nickel and bronze, there truly is a finish for every esthetic. Visit for their collection of colorful sinks and faucets.

Scratch Resistant

Black kitchen sink is made to resist to everyday wear and tear and provides more performance than regular stainless steel sinks.

Easy To Clean

With the CastleShield technology, the colored sinks are made to have the almost self-cleaning effect lik the lotus effect.

Anti-Bacterial Action

Gold kitchen sinks provide the antibacterial action that removes bad smells and pollutant substances often found in kitchen sink.

Color Safe

The colour of the sink will remain unchanged and will not discolor over time. Stainless steel sink is colored using PVD technology.

Black Sinks
Gold Sinks
Kitchen and Bath

This double bowl black stainless steel sink is the perfect choice. A brilliant all-rounder, stainless steel material is durable, hygienic, easy to clean and affordable. Thanks to new technology, stainless steel is now also available in a variety of colours, such as copper, black, gold and gunmetal, which can make a great statement in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Faucet Trends

Single Handle Tap

Matte black fixtures are one of the hottest trends in kitchen and bathroom design this year.

Black Matte Finish

Now you are starting to see more companies market black finishes for kitchens.

Gold Matte Finish

Dark and gold fixtures in a matte finish have a heritage appeal.

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Color Trend latest News

What are the big kitchen and bath industry trends for 2018? Colors are the biggest trend. Homeowners tell us they want deep sinks that are easy to clean with radius corners on all sides. Pulldown or pullout kitchen faucets with high arcs are still number one in demand.




Faucet latest News

Consumers and designers moved away from the all white kitchen and bath, and started using different lacquers and wood finishes in year 2018. By 2019, in addition to color, we think matte black will be prominent in kitchen cabinets.

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